Get People Talking About Your Brand Online

A brand that is already popular online has a significant SEO advantage. Indeed, at the core of it, SEO measures the popularity score of a specific website. Just like everybody knows the popular kids at school even if they’ve never met them, everybody knows the popular brands online – even if they’re not pre-existing customers. […]

Use Twitter For Link Building Outreach

In order to grow and leverage your visibility on social media, like Twitter, you need to get the attention of other active companies who are marketing to your same client base but are not competitors. Here’s how that looks. Actionable Steps To Link Building Via Twitter Identify Twitter Influencers and follow them Interact with them […]

Does This Image by Buffer’s Pablo Look Pixelated to You?

I love Pablo by Buffer. But when I made this graphic for one of my client’s sites a coworker thought it looked “pixelated”. Here’s the offending image. So..Is What’s The Deal? Hmm…it does kinda look wibbly wobbly around those edges. Thinking about it, I was just rolling with the default font with is Merriweather. So […]

New G+ Pages “Dashboard”

I was just trying out the new “Dashboard” experience for G+ pages (These screencaptures are from The Man Couch  project). Note: This one doesn’t have a connected, verified G+ local listing connected which I think seemingly is required to get an additional reporting dashboard according to Barry Wise of Knowem who said: “I have a local listing and […]