Super Modern Art Heroes: Interview with Josh Rogan

Artist Josh Rogan brings us a terrific set of highly stylized that mix Cubism, Superheroes, wit and humor in his Modhero painting series. I had the opportunity to ask him a couple of questions about his work, creative inspiration and artistic style. Do you work from sketches that you scan or do you work all […]

WTFurniture: How NOT to make a Myspace business page

Social Media: You’re Doing it Wrong!” In today’s day and age, there’s dozens of articles on how small businesses can use social media, and how you can create a myspace for your your business.  This here is a lesson on how NOT to create a myspace page for your business.

No One Likes An Arrogant Comment Spammer

The Beginning of the Problem I do often get spam entries on my blog posts in the comments section, but typically they’re entries for completely irrelevant sites, or adult websites with bogus domains. However, I recently received a spam entry from a company that claims to create site content written by “expert SEO-trained writers”. Here […]

Epic Fictional Vehicles

Batmobile(s) The Enterprise(s) The Delorian The Millenium Falcon The super star destroyer The Red October Kit- Knight Rider Battlestar Gallactica The Nautilus Super Dimensional fortess 1 (SD-1) Robo-tech The Jet Car (ocilation-overthruster) the Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across The 8th Dimension The Death Proof Car: Death proof: Quintin Tarantino Hannibal Twin 8 ( The great […]