Business Safety Online: 4 Simple Best Practices

Whether your business is large or small, keeping it safe online should be high on the list of priorities. Keeping it safe from some of the latest online threats has become more and more complicated as technology evolves and improves. You hold confidential information online, as well as your business’ livelihood. So what are the […]

Building Trust In The Digital Age Of Marketing

Business can be a very tricky thing to balance when you’re first getting started. You have to work incredibly hard on the projects you get, proving yourself as someone people can trust especially if you’re providing digital services where the client can’t directly see the results of your efforts like a roofer or carpenter. Along […]

A pledge to comment ON the blog posts I read.

I, Jeremy Rivera, being of sound SEO and marketing practices,do solemnly swear,to comment and participate,on the blog posts I read,with relevance and detail,in follow and no-follow,disqus, livfyre, or G+ blogger,for as long as I do SEODo you take this oath to post comments to the blog s you read?I DOYou may now share your post


Content is for your visitors! Don’t lose site of the reason why you are providing this information in the first place. Your visitors! If you use multiple sources, and creatively create your own unique and interesting content, then you will have successfully informed your visitors. This will make it easier to convert them to return […]