Business Safety Online: 4 Simple Best Practices

Whether your business is large or small, keeping it safe online should be high on the list of priorities. Keeping it safe from some of the latest online threats has become more and more complicated as technology evolves and improves. You hold confidential information online, as well as your business’ livelihood. So what are the most important things that you need to know to keep your business safe? Here are some top tips for keeping your business safe online.

Close Doors To Viruses and Malware

DAE remember Reboot? Yea. Like that.
DAE remember Reboot? Yea. Like that.

You wouldn’t leave the doors to your office or your company car unlocked overnight, right? But why do many businesses basically do just that, but for cyber criminals?

If your computer is not secure enough, then it only takes a few people in the know to hack your site and get the information that they need.

So to shield your business from malware and viruses, make sure you have a firewall set up. A lot of laptops and computers will come with something anyway these days.

But in many cases, this will not be enough to protect against all that you need it to. So getting additional cover is a good idea.

Outsource Help

Yes, exactly like Reboot.

Again, it doesn’t matter what the size of your business is. If you’re unsure and want some extra protection and peace of mind, then outsourcing your online fraud management processes could be a really good thing for your business.

Then while it is an ongoing concern, it allows you to get on with the growing and day to day running of the business. If you have an online store and are going to be handling people’s confidential information, then it can give you some reassurance that things will be dealt with.

With so many transaction going on each day online, there are bound to be some fraudsters, unfortunately. It sucks, but there are opportunities for unscrupulous people to act on unaware people. Like that letters you get saying your “domain is expiring!” that get people to send them money even when they’re not actually the domain registrar. (That just pisses me off!)

Create an Internet Policy

If you have employees and don’t have a specific policy in place, then you have nothing in place to help protect you and your business if things go wrong.

People can take advantage, and that could end up meaning things can spiral out of control. Require strong passwords that have to be changed every so often.

Have people lock their screen when not at their desks. Educate your team about emails, especially from unknown senders. What happens if the policy is not followed? All of this to think about but it will pay to think about it.

Use Social Media Wisely

Let’s face it; social media is here to stay. So you need to learn to be using it for your business wisely. Again, some kind of policy should be in place to make sure that the system is not abused. So you need to sit down and talk about it.

Don’t forget, if you have employees you have to set a good example!

Who will be sharing the information and how much will they have access to? Will you need non-disclosure agreements for people that will have access to vital business information?

Think about the tone of voice for social media and any blogs, as well as who you will allow as followers or ‘friends.’

Building Trust In The Digital Age Of Marketing

Business can be a very tricky thing to balance when you’re first getting started. You have to work incredibly hard on the projects you get, proving yourself as someone people can trust especially if you’re providing digital services where the client can’t directly see the results of your efforts like a roofer or carpenter.

Along with this, though, you also have to make sure that you’re not making idle promises. It can be very easy to quote an estimated time to someone and have other work cause delays, and this is just a single example. Let’s explore how trust can be built with your clients as a digital provider.

There are a lot of risks which come with making promises you can’t keep in business. Unfortunately, customers won’t be happy with the excuses you give them, instead expecting their goods, services, or other purchases to be ready the moment you suggested. Below, you can find some examples of the impact failing to meet this demand can have.

Word travels very fast about businesses, even when you’re still small and growing. The impact this can have on your sales is huge, and it’s something you have work hard on, pushing to improve your reputation all the time. Especially when there’s businesses like Yelp and Google who are eagerly collecting feedback about people’s experiences with businesses.

Making a promise you can’t keep will have a huge negative impact on the way customers feel about you. A PR agent can help you with this, but it’s also worth doing some research for yourself; this area is a very broad one.

In some cases, the promises you make could impact other jobs a very long way down the line. For example, an e-commerce company needs a website when they first launch, or they can’t sell their goods.

If the designer failed to meet this goal, they could lose the company money. Profesional risk indemnity insurance can solve this sort of issue for you, protecting your business from claims of liability. Along with this, though, you should also be working towards avoiding it altogether.

As the result of both of these issues, companies can easily find themselves without any customers.

Making people’s lives harder will be well-documented, and a lot of people will know if you make mistakes. Most bad customer situations can be solved with the right attitude and words. This gives you the chance to get yourself out of a mess, but you’ll have to take the right action, and it won’t be easy.

Once you have an idea of the problems your business could face if you make unrealistic promises, it’s time to put a plan in place to help you avoid them going into the future. Below, you can find some methods to help you with this. Of course, though, you will have to do most of this for yourself.

  • Manage Expectations
  • Set appropriate timelines
  • Use Your Time Wisely
  • Include Adjustments For Challenges

Don’t Set The Bar Too High For Yourself

Most people have no idea how long a job will take unless they have experience in the field. This gives you an excellent chance to bend and change your estimates to give yourself a little bit of extra time.

When taking on a big project, a month can easily disappear before anything is done. To avoid this, promising something late and delivering it early will only impress people, making them think you’ve done the work quicker than expected.

Keep Track of Your OWN Time Usage

Time management skills can also go a long way to improving the estimates you give people. As you get to know your habits better, you will slowly get better and better at giving accurate quotes. To enhance this, it’s a good idea to monitor the time it takes to do your work. Even when you’re not being paid hourly, you should always make sure that you’re recording your hours,

Remember about Murphy’s Law

Finally, it’s time to think about the outside forces which can impact the work you’re doing. In a lot of cases, you’ll also be waiting on people to get work done for you, and this has to be considered, too. Emergencies can occur at any time.

You won’t have the chance to prepare for them before a job and have to think about this when you’re making promises. Most people will be completely happy with delays, as long as there’s still time for the job to be done, and they know as soon as possible.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the time you put into the estimates you give your customers and the promises you make. In business, a company is only as good as the work they produce.

So, if you are making mistakes with this all the time, it will almost certainly cause you some issues, and solving them could be much harder than avoiding them in the first place.

No One Loves Your Website, And Here’s Why

Your website will be the cornerstone of your online business success, so if you want to things to go well, you need to make sure that people love spending time on your website.

Alas, all too often companies – often inadvertently – do things that push their much-needed prospective customers away. Below, we take a look at the critical errors you’re making. Make the changes, and you’ll be able to bring those visitors back on board.

No One Loves Your Website
It’s a Laggy, Bloated Mess

You might be surprised just how impatient internet users are, but then again, you’re an internet user yourself, so you know. If you visit a site that’s slow to respond or just has too much going on, then how long do you spend on it? Most people have left within a matter of seconds. And when it comes to business, this means they’re going over to one of your rivals. Check your website speeds, and strip away the non-essentials; it’ll make all the difference.

They Don’t Trust You

You’re not a brick and mortar store. None of your customers will ever see your face, and that means trust must be established in other ways; it won’t just be given to you.

If your website is full of grammatical errors or doesn’t have top-notch security certificates, then it won’t matter how good your products or services are. People need to trust that the site their using takes their security seriously. There’s more cybercrime now than ever before, so, make sure your site is secure. It’ll benefit you and your customers.

They Don’t Know It’s There

There might be nobody who loves your website, but it’s not because the site is substandard; it’s because they can’t find it, and thus haven’t had a chance to fall in love.

You need Google and the other search engines to index your site and show it to the people who are searching for sites like yours. It’s not easy to get ranked, but you can get help. There are over 500 reviews of the HOTH, so bring them on board and establish a presence online. When people see your site, then they’ll love it!

All the Good Stuff is on Social Media

Many companies put too much emphasis on the social media accounts, forgetting that it’s their website that should be their main priority. If you’re saving all your good content for Facebook and Twitter, all you’re doing is making people enjoy social media sites even more. Save your best material for your website, and give people a reason to keep coming back.

It’s Annoying

Finally, let’s think about this: are you annoying your customers? Many website practices have people clamoring for the ‘x’ button, such as autoplay videos, annoying sounds, and invasive pop-ups.

You might think these features are cool, but your customers don’t. They’ll just go to a site that doesn’t have them, and never return!

If you’re guilty of the above, make the changes, and let the customer love flow in!

#notjustSEO Ep.1 – Paddleboarding In Nashville

I am more than just a geek that loves to build websites and SEO campaigns. A little while ago I realized that I really didn’t have any true hobbys. While I could TRY argue that any father of a 2 year old doesn’t have hobbies there was a lot of time that I wasn’t “fathering”. So…What do I like to do?

#notjustSEO – There’s a Lot To Do In Nashville!

I’ve decided to explore this city that I moved to when I was hired by Raven Tools as their in-house SEO. But really, my most adventurous time was due to my playing Ingress and once I changed to a Windows Phone(Misssstaaaake) I stopped exploring.

I want to change that.

Taunted by Paddleboards

Big Willies paddleboards
This van parks at a house 3 spaces down. Taunting me.

I’ve seen these paddleboards everyday when I walk my dog. I finally decided to check out Big Willies Action Sports and get out on the River!

Paddleboarding on the Cumberland? Yes! Relaxing & beautiful.
Paddleboarding on the Cumberland? Yes! Relaxing & beautiful.

They load up their ancient van where Broadway meets the river, so I parked across the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland for free. As I was walking, a random guitarist appeared and someone was asked a big question. #randomawesome I love this city!

This guy had just popped the questions as i strolled across the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland
This guy had just popped the questions as I strolled across the pedestrian bridge over the Cumberland

A Night At FooBar

I’ve lived in Nashville for 3 years, but really have never heard a single show. #sacriledge I know! So me and my lovely wife decided to see our friend play in his band The Benders at an East Nashville’s Foobar.

FooBar. Onstage: The Benders
FooBar. Onstage: The Benders

Soooo. Yea. All in all a pretty good day!

I am still an SEO (you can even hire me, wink wink link link) but I’m not JUST an SEO.

A pledge to comment ON the blog posts I read.

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Do you take this oath to post comments to the blog s you read?


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An Adventure Time GIF Letter to my wife

When I saw you dancing at the club
Damn girl, damn girl, damn girl!
You make me feel so floopy
Our love is unstoppable!
Which lead to the kind of activity that lead to…
 us then finding out you were pregnant
 Even though you were on birth control! (DRAMA BOMB!)
 Should have know when you started craving unusual food
and not keeping it down
It was hard for you and for me at times.
But look at her!
She’s beautiful!
She’s our tough tootin’ baby
 I just love holding her, I know you do too
I love you Bunny.You’re a fantastic mama, and a wonderful wife.


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I Support Prison City Derby Dames

So I have found a new challenge and exciting venue in my life, Roller Derby! It started because of a trip my wife and I made to Long Beach with some friends at the last minute to see the Long Beach Roller Derby Championship match. The next day Bunny had bought her own skates, and I’d broken out some “moon boots”/Inlines and headed off to practice at a local rink. Unfortunately we didn’t find a home there, but a month later we headed out to meet the Prison City Derby Dames who immediately made us at home as freshies, me as a newbie ref and Bunny as a newbie skater. Since then we’ve grown, and pushed ourselves in ways that we didn’t think possible. If you’re thinking of getting into roller derby do it! Come see an upcoming bout between Angel City Roller Girls: Rocket Queens and Prison City Derby Dames or come to a practice and get rolling! Look forward to seeing you get on four wheels!

If you’re already a fan of PCDD, then show your support! I’ve created some images and badges for your blog, twitter and Facebook!

A Conversation With John Welch

On memorial day 2009, I was at my wife’s grandfather’s house and had a conversation with him about his service in World War 2, and got involved in a conversation with him talking about his life and his family.

John Welch was an airplane mechanic stationed in Papa New Guinea during World War 2. He survived a pretty horrific bombing raid on his airport and went on to have a long distinguished career in civil avionics. He lived well into his 80s. He raised a family and had several grandchildren among them my beautiful wife. I am grateful to this man for his strength and character and for accepting me into his family before his death.