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Lessons from the Worst Website Ever

On the 7th day, God rested, then he had a terrible nightmare, full of random colors, trolls, wedding dresses, aliens and tuxedo rentals. This is just a small sampling of Yvette’s bridal website. There are not enough words to describe the catastrophe that this website represents. Like some Frankenstein monster, this grotesque site is none […]

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Twilight: Parody Pic Post

This past month, since my beautiful and talented wife has become addicted to Twilight, I have run into some excellent parody pictures and thought I’d share them! Update: Since Comic Con and the new moon trailer and footage are out I thought I’d find some fresh pieces to add to this post: Here we have […]

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Vintage handmade Envelope

Vintage handmade Envelope Originally uploaded by contentwritingadvice I know this is a bit off topic, but my fiance made these handmade hand crafted envelopes from old books. I was so impressed I just had to post about it!Here’s here etsy store for more handcrafted envelopes

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