Four Biggest Digital Marketing Trends of 2018 So Far

The world of digital marketing moves at a furious pace. The nature of the medium means that things are constantly evolving, and keeping up to date with customer expectations and new ways to reach your market can become a full time job.

As running a business in today’s competitive environment depends on establishing and maintaining a great connection with your customers, it’s important to understand the ways in which they want to keep up with your company.

With half of 2018 gone, what are the major trends in the world of digital marketing and how can your company use them?

Video Is A Winning, Multi-value Tool

If you had any doubt about this, here’s a metric that may convince you – by 2020, 80% of all web activity will be video content. Whichever social channels you favour there is nothing more attention-grabbing or better for forming a connection with your audience.

This content is eagerly consumed – viewers on YouTube now watch a billion hours of video every single day! And with a huge variety of applicable formats, from the humble vlog, to 360 virtual tours to live streams, there’s so much opportunity to find a format that works perfectly for the messaging you are trying to communicate.

If your business still doesn’t have a digital content strategy, you definitely need one. Hunt out specialist agencies such as MicroD to help you plan your approach, as this trend is going nowhere.

Getting Cosy With Influencers

Social influencers are a direct medium into the audience that you want to speak to – and one work credibility. As competition for top influencers is currently fierce, you may want to try looking for more micro-influencers – ones with smaller followings, but higher engagement within a particular niche or specialism.

Not only are you more likely to be able to establish a working partnership that genuinely benefits both of you, but you’ll be operating with authenticity.

Customers can easily detect deals that are too commercial or not genuine, and they backfire. So work on targeting the most relevant individuals for you.

Well Trained Chatbots Go Mainstream

2018 is the year of the chatbot when it comes to web support. You may be thinking of previous, negative experiences with clunky AI, but that’s a thing of the past as the technology has rapidly improved.

More and more brands are not only using them to provide fast and reliable customer service, but increasingly as a marketing channel as well.

The stats show that Millennials are comfortably interacting with these bots to find what they need with ease, so it should be a solution your company looks to adopt if you haven’t already.

Data Protection

With our personal data becoming more valuable than ever, today’s consumer is hyper aware of what we are collecting and why. The introduction of GDPR legislation in Europe back in May has shone a global focus on the rights of consumers when it comes to how companies collect and use their personal information.

And these laws which require express opt-ins and the customer to be informed about what their data will be used for apply to companies outside of the EU interacting with EU citizen too.

With big financial penalties in place to give the ruling teeth, if you don’t have a robust data policy, now is the time. You also have to watch out when GDPR crosses swords with established marketing practices, you might end up losing your Analytics data.

The Rising Reputation Risks For Online Medical Businesses

E-commerce sites are popular for one key reason: All you need is a click to complete your purchase. It’s never been as easy to buy online – and consequently to sell online too.

However as digital businesses are taking over the market, new industries are joining the world wide web.

The medical sector, for instance, has been launching facetime alternatives with certified doctors to gain time, online prescriptions and even online pharmacies and dispensary.

In other words, while it would be exaggerated to assume that you can click your way to health recovery, it’s fair to say that health is going digital. However, it isn’t without risk on the reputation of your medical business.

The medical industry and digital marketing are crossing over.

Lack of Content Expertise Can Hurt Your Online Reputation

Ultimately, when pharmacies and medical plants dispensary were only brick and mortar shops, there was no need to demonstrate expertise. Patients already had prescriptions they came to pick up.

But when you decide to sell online, you might want to consider hiring marijuana SEO service for your dispensary or medical copywriters for your pharmacy. Visitors expect your website to show informative and educational content, as a proof of your professionalism.

Indeed, you need to be able to explain how your products can target specific health issues and encourage recovery.

Does Your Website Suck?

As an online business, you need to be viable in the digital world. In other words, you need to have a website that is easy to use for your customers. Indeed, the main reason why people choose to buy online is they crave convenience.

So, if you make it difficult to buy from your website or to find the products they need, you can assume that visitors will look for an alternative elsewhere. Additionally, visitors have no patience for 404s – broken links – slow-loading images or clunky menus.

Lack of functionality is a synonym for digital users of lack of professionalism. If you can’t make a website that works, how can visitors be sure that your products work?

Lack of certified reviews

It doesn’t matter how many online customers have written reviews you publish on your site, savvy digital users want customer reviews from an approved source.

Testimonials with the photos of buyers can be faked – and often are. As a result, visitors sometimes don’t care about self-produced or self-uploaded testimonies.

They prefer to check your business on official and independent review companies as there’s the guarantee of reading the experience of a real customer.

Additionally, most independent sources of customer reviews also offer payment protection to your buyers. Signing up for a review scheme and using a trusted logo on your website can significantly increase your conversion rate.

Inconsistent tone

Finally, your digital presence is divided between your website, your blog, your social media platforms and additional contribution to specialized channels.

While it is fair that not all content will be produced by the same person in your team, you need to establish a brand guideline to maintain a consistent voice across all channels.

If you use humor, like I do, then don’t forget to at least try each time you write to keep a consistent style.

Online medicine buyers have developed a savvy eye for digital scams. Consequently, when a business doesn’t meet their expectations, they prefer to cancel the purchase and look elsewhere.

As a result, poor digital strategies can significantly affect the reputation of your otherwise convenient medical business.

Web Prep: The Work Before The Website

With all of the modern tools, services, and other resources you have at your disposal, it’s never been easier to get started on building your own website. Options like WordPress and Bootstrap give you the chance to focus on content, rather than having to worry about code, and this makes it possible for those with little experience to make something beautiful.

Of course, though, while it is easier than in the past, this work is still far from a breeze. To help you out with your next web-based project, ensuring that it goes nice and smoothly, this post will be exploring some of the preparation which has to be done before you get started.

Some services make website management easy and accessible for all.

The Technical

This all begins with some research, as it’s important to have an idea of the technical side of the website before anything else. One of the most crucial parts of this is the system which you use to build your website from.

WordPress is by far the most popular, and it makes it nice and easy to get help with your project, making it great for beginners. There are loads of options like this available around the web. To make sure that you’re choosing the best for your website, it will be worth doing plenty of research.

From here, you will be ready to start looking at the hosting you’ll be using for your website. This can often be based on the platform you’re using, with loads of companies offering affordable packages for systems like WordPress.

Most sites won’t need much bandwidth or storage space when they first launch. Instead, it will be worth looking for a company which can help you to upgrade in the future, as this will save money, while also avoiding having to migrate your work at a later date. Most hosting companies will be happy to offer advice at this stage.

With your platform and hosting ironed out, you will be ready to start thinking about your website’s security. With new laws passing in the EU recently, keeping your site on lock down has never been more important, and there are loads of tools to help you with this. As your first line of defense, you should always have an SSL certificate to protect your brand. Along with this, your host will go a long way to protect your site, and you can install your own anti-malware applications on the server to keep it safe.

Security on your page is a top priority, especially with the new regulations.

The Design

Making a beautiful website takes a lot more than simply choosing a theme and getting started. In fact, to get the most out of your site, it will be worth starting with some paper designs. With a quick look at the themes and templates you have available, you should be able to get an idea of what can be done.

From here, coming up with a range of different ideas on paper will give you the chance to see your website come to life before doing any proper work. Of course, as a big part of this, you should get some feedback from other people.

Ensuring that your website is consistent will take a little bit of planning. Fonts, colors, and shapes should all be chosen before the build starts, giving you a selection of presets to choose from. This is known as a house style. With this under your belt, you will be able to create a website, email templates, and all of your other content surrounding a set theme, avoiding the unprofessional appearance of an unplanned site. There are loads of sites around the web which can help with this, with options like DaFonts being perfect when you’re trying to find the perfect text for your website.

The look and feel of your website need to be planned.

The SEO/Marketing

Domain names are very important to modern websites. With so many competitors around the internet, you have to have a domain which not only stands out, but is also easy to remember after seeing it once. This can be hard to achieve, making it worth looking for some advice.

By collecting a handful of domains and posting them on a couple of forums, you should be able to get some great feedback from others who are working with branding. You always have to consider what people will be most likely to search for when looking for your business.

With a domain sorted out, you will be ready to get started on your SEO, and this is another job which could take some support. A lot of this work will be based on the content on your site, and you will have to choose natural keywords to include throughout your pages. This is something which you can start to plan before the build.

Along with this, working on some SEO link building outreach could also be very helpful, enabling you to place links on other people’s sites. Google loves to see websites promoting each other, and this is a great way to improve your early rankings.

As the internet grows, fields like marketing are starting to become more and more complex. Some companies rely on others to share their content, utilizing influencers to push ads to customers all over the world.

Along with this, PPC and more traditional forms of marketing are also being used, with a lot of businesses choosing to cover as much ground as possible. It will be worth coming up with a handful of campaigns before you start building the website. While most of this work will happen on other platforms, it will all be work which supports the end product.

It can be far too easy to jump into a job like this, assuming that the tools you’re using will do everything for you. The world is a long way from a fully-serviced website builder, leaving you to pick up the pieces. This will get easier and easier the more you do it, making future projects simple.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working hard on your website preparation and will point you in the right direction to get started.


The Ultimate Freelancer Wishlist

Freelance workers are becoming more and more popular with small business owners.

There are now lots of entrepreneurs who are turning to freelancers and contract workers rather than full-time employers.

One of the main reasons business owners are making this switch is because it is a lot more affordable for them. They don’t need to provide freelancers with perks such as sick pay and holiday pay, for instance. Plus, they aren’t obliged to contribute to their pension payments.

But that doesn’t mean that you can get away without giving your freelancers anything at all. They will need some things to keep them motivated and able to carry out their work to as high a standard as possible. Here are a few things that are on most freelancers’ wishlists.

A Contract

Just because you don’t employ your freelancers full-time doesn’t mean that you can get away without having a contract between you. Well, technically, you could work without a contract in place, but that wouldn’t be a very sensible idea!

A contract sets out the scope of work as well as other small details, such as timescale of the project and the compensation. It helps both parties know what is expected from them. Once you start bringing freelancers onto your books, it’s a good idea to find some smart document solutions to help aid their work. These should be sent out alongside any contracts that need signing.

A Fair Wage

There are lots of companies out there who don’t believe that they should pay their freelancers their full worth.

This is largely because of an old-fashioned attitude that freelancers aren’t worth as much as full-time employees. This is slowly changing, though, and now more companies are offering contractors a fair wage for their services. So, make sure that you do too. After all, you pay for the quality of work you will get in return, so if you want the best freelancer for the job, you will need to pay a high price for their services.


There are some entrepreneurs out there who always worry when they have remote freelancers working for them. They might send them daily emails asking for updates on how they are getting on.

This is micromanaging, though, and you shouldn’t follow in these entrepreneurs’ footsteps! It can actually put a lot of freelancers off working with you, and they might end up dropping out of the project early as a result. You need to give your freelancers independence so that they can get on with their work without being disturbed.


Freelancers become self-employed so that they can set their own schedule and work at hours that suit them. So you shouldn’t treat them as if they are in the office with you. Make sure you let them have some flexibility with their work. That means no tight deadlines and the ability to work over evenings and weekends if they wish.

Once you offer all of these things to freelancers, you should find that your working relationship with them vastly improves. So, make sure future job adverts include these points!

Marketing Consulting “On The Road” – Staying Safe

If you’re a consultant, a salesperson, or in any other kind of occupation that revolves around you being on the road, you live a different kind of work life to most people.

You might be used to only having a few resources on hand at any one point, but you shouldn’t limit the digital tools and data that can help you really get things done.

How You Access Your Data Remotely MATTERS

However, most remote or traveling workers are afraid to connect to the data they need thanks to the poor security of public connections. What can you do to get past that?

Keep your mobile devices updated

Cybersecurity software is one of your most reliable tools when it comes to stopping the majority of digital risks. If you’re not updating that software as soon as a new release is available, you’re leaving your system vulnerable. Updates regularly contain registries of the latest and most prevalent malware. It’s not just your anti-malware software you need to update, either. Whether it’s the laptop, phone, or tablet, keep every single app and piece of software you have up-to-date as soon as you are prompted. Out-of-date software often includes weak points that can be exploited by hackers, giving them a way into your system.

Use an extra-secure go-between

We have to address the risk of public networks, as well. If someone is watching the network and they have the patience for it, they can use these networks to see everything you’re doing. The answer to that is to use a network they can’t observe.

Places like can show you how to install virtual private networks. These use a proxy server, even one in another country, to help hide everything you do online from just about anyone.

Not even the VPN providers can see what data you’re sharing or downloading.

Get on the Cloud

This is a tip that applies to just about everyone, really, but if you’re on the road, it’s doubly important that you backup all your files onto the Cloud.

You should use it as your primary storage option if necessary. That way if your device is lost or falls into the wrong hands, you are still able to access your data.

What’s more, they’re unable to, thanks to the verification steps that Cloud options like offer.

Be prepared for the worst

Of course, losing a device or having it stolen is never a happy occasion, even if you do manage to keep your data. You don’t know what potential thieves will be able to uncover if they start diving through all the files and data still saved on the computer. If you’re concerned they can find data that could risk you, your employers, or your customers, you have remotely lock your device with this guide from as soon as possible. Many devices also feature locator options that could help you or the authorities find it and place it back in your care once more.

You can safeguard your passwords, communications, and important files even when you’re on the road. Hopefully, the tips above make it a lot easier to do that.

How Technology Can Help You Make Better Investment Decisions

Many people imagine brokers to be strict and number-oriented people who never take their eyes off the computer screen. The picture is, however, somewhat different in 2018, and even people who have no affinity to numbers are able to profit from smart investments, thanks to the advanced technology available.

Real Time Data

Whether you are interested in the performance of a fund over the past ten years or would like to find out how foreign trades are doing, the answer is just a click away.

You can see real time data, no matter if you are interested in ForEx or commodity investments, or would like to choose a fund for your retirement savings or boost your marketing budget. You can find an advanced platform at a low price that allows you to keep an eye on your money and account performance.

Accurate Predictions

Thanks to the advanced technology, you will also get more accurate predictions from trading platforms and investment software than ever before. As more information is collected and analyzed, you are less likely to miss some of the market conditions that can change the trends and reduce or increase the price of a commodity or share. While you will still have to do your own research, predictions are more accurate than ever before.

Advanced Algorithms

In case you would like to focus on trading currency pairs or company shares, you will find some advanced algorithms that will automate your trades.

You can even set the risk level and different limits, so you can avoid losing money. Spread betting used to be challenging, as it was hard to keep an eye on various accounts, but now the software will take care of everything and all you have to do is generate a report.

User Friendly Trading Platforms

You can find a trading platform for every investment strategy. No matter if you would like to use the ichimoku cloud strategy or something else, you will have the option to choose and change as often as you want to.

The trading platforms are easy to learn, and most of them come with video training, so you can quickly master the navigation and avoid making silly mistakes by clicking the wrong button.  

Outcome Previews

Even today’s financial advisors utilize software to make better decisions for their clients. When looking at the best performing investments, they can preview the different potential outcomes based on various scenarios.

This means that they can give their clients the best and the worst case scenario, making it easier to decide between two investment options.

No matter if you would like to try your hands at trading currencies or finding a good investment for your retirement, the technology has never been more suitable.

With lower prices and great support, improved algorithms, and advanced user interfaces, you can now take the guesswork out of making investment decisions.

5 Unexpected Things That Can Stain Your Small Biz Reputation

The world of small business is diverse and inclusive. It allows people from all kids of educations and backgrounds to make their entrepreneurial mark on the world.

While the large global retail giants may dominate the high streets of most major conurbations, the digital landscape has provided even nascent entrepreneurs with a level playing field in which they can stand shoulder to shoulder with multinational corporate titans. But while today’s business landscape may be rich in opportunity, it’s also extraordinarily competitive.

In an era where consumers have more choice than ever, earning their loyalty is an increasingly tenuous prospect that has seen big businesses invest billions in customer retention strategies.

But even if your business is small and modest in nature, catering to a small and select clientele, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of customer retention.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep your customers coming back time after time, you merely have to ensure that you protect your business’ reputation. In the world of small business, reputation is everything.

It’s what separates you from your competitors and attracts new customers to your enterprise while drawing new business to you that will help to facilitate long term sustainable growth.

While some things like customer service, Search Engine Optimization, branding and the responsiveness of your social media presence are all obvious factors that play a huge part in determining how your business is perceived, there are also some less obvious factors which play a part.

There are some things that can cast a stain on your business’ reputation which can be hard to clean off, such as…

Your employees’ social media accounts

Needless to say, when you run a business, its social media profile must be unimpeachable. Most savvy entrepreneurs also know that their own online presence must be carefully maintained and digitally informed business people think very carefully before posting anything online.

Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said of your employees.

If a customer has direct dealings with one of your employees, it’s reasonable to expect that they might do some due diligence checks on them including having a brief look at their social media profiles.

If your employees are seen to be engaged in morally questionable or illegal activity, sharing sensitive or controversial content or espousing extreme political views this can be severely damaging to the reputation of your business.

Not only could the customer not want to do business with them as an individual, they might take exception to the notion of doing business with anyone who would hire them.

Partnering with the wrong businesses

On paper, collaborating with other businesses on co-branding opportunities can be extremely advantageous. It partners your brand with another, potentially more established brand to create something that is of interest and value to both of your target audiences.

These opportunities are advantageous for emerging new business as they get an opportunity to expose their brand to another business’ built in consumer base.

Unfortunately, partnering with the wrong business can be extremely damaging so it’s vitally important to do your due diligence on the other business and make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you sign or commit to anything.

You could find yourself allying your enterprise with a poorly branded or incompetent business or one which simply adds no value to your own brand in the eyes of your consumer base.  Here are some ways in which you can avoid damaging your reputation by partnering with the wrong business.

Your product packaging

If e-commerce or simply moving products or materials over long distances is your bread and butter, you’ve likely given significant thought to what kind of vehicles you use and how you train your drivers (more on that shortly) but even something as innocuous as how you package your products could damage your reputation.

If you’re starting out in business, you may be very conscious of overheads, but failing to invest in adequate packaging could be severely damaging to your reputation and even make you vulnerable to litigation.

If your business requires you to transport fragile or potentially hazardous products or materials go to to ensure that you buy packaging that is fit for purpose and compliant with state, federal or UN legislation.

This is one area where absolutely no business should be cutting costs.

Your fleet

Although most CEOs keep a pretty close eye on their employees at work, carefully monitoring their customer interactions both in the physical premises and over the phone, it can be somewhat harder to manage a fleet of travelling sales professionals or delivery drivers.

Nonetheless, if they do not behave appropriately or in a manner that is consistent with the promise that your brand implies the consequences could be devastating to your business.

If your fleet is caught driving recklessly or irresponsibly or behaving inappropriately while at the wheel this can reflect extremely poorly on your nascent brand.  

Your green policy (or lack of one)

You could be forgiven for thinking that your customers are concerned only with getting good quality products at reasonable prices. But while these are certainly common factors in influencing consumer behavior, they are not the be all and end all.

In this enlightened age, consumers are increasingly aware of the impact their purchases make on the environment.

They view sustainability in business as a necessity rather than a novelty. There’s research evidence to suggest that sustainably sourced products from environmentally aware businesses are worth paying for and 66% of consumers would be willing to pay more for a product that is sustainable than for an equivalent product that is not.

If you do not have a green policy or are actively seeking ways for your business to do what it does in more sustainable and less environmentally damaging ways, you could risk alienating a younger generation of more ethically conscious consumers.

If you have long term sustainable growth in mind you will need to ensure that your reputation is unimpeachable and that you take care of the obvious and the not so obvious things to ensure that your business’ reputation remains intact.

Get Your Head Out Of The Cloud And See The Real-World Impact Of Your Online Store

It’s been a long time coming, but companies with a physical presence are finally accounting for their environmental impact. And, we’re all glad to see it. One large corporation can make a lot more change than us as individuals. And, we’ve been switching our lights off for years!

But, as an online operation, you may think you’re exempt from these issues. Your company has no actual place in the real world. So, it can’t do much damage, right? You’re a techno time traveler. You do business without hurting a single soul. Don’t you?

We’re afraid not. Don’t think that just because you’re online doesn’t mean your actions don’t have real consequences. Even digital business does damage. To prove that point, we’re going to look at what that damage is, and how you can reduce it.

The pollution of production

Whether you produce toy cars or clothes, you can bet there’s a fair amount of production pollution. That might not have been the case when you were making things alone in your room.

But, times have changed, and your production line has increased. And, the chances are your carbon footprint has increased with it. Production calls for damaging chemicals and high levels of energy.

It may be that your operations release oils or chemicals into water. Or, you may just gain power from non-reusable sources. Either way, you should take action to reduce this.

It may be that you look into oil water separators to ensure your production doesn’t leak into nearby water sources. Or, perhaps you should look out for ethical energy companies.

These may seem like small steps, but they can improve the issue.

The damage of delivery

Delivery is another cause for concern.

When customers order online, you need to find a way to get products to them. And, whether you fly or drive them, you can bet you contribute to carbon emissions.

But, is there really a way around this?

Yes and no.

For one, make an effort to ship as many packages at once as possible. This may not fit with your efforts to make your business more efficient, but people won’t mind that if you explain your reasoning. As long as customers aren’t waiting any longer than a week or two, you shouldn’t experience issues.

If you operate delivery yourself,  look for vehicles with low carbon emissions. That way, you can complete the most orders with the least damage.

The energy you use

Online companies use a lot of energy. In some cases, more than physical corporations. After all, everything you do is on a computer. So, there’s every chance you use a fair amount of energy in a day.

As you did at the start, it’s worth looking into eco-friendly alternatives. You could even install solar panels onto your office space. That ensures nothing more than pure sunshine fuels your efforts.

As well as sounding good, steps like these are a sure way to keep your computer company in the green.

How Important Is Marketing For Your Home Business?

Having a home business can be a wonderful way to earn money. You get to do something you’re good at, something you really love – not to mention be your own boss! You could even leave the rat race if your home business goes well enough.

Of course, having a home business also comes with its own unique set of pros and cons, too. Working by yourself can be a little boring, and running a business alone often means you’ll need to be a Jack of all trades and wear many hats.

One thing that can trip a lot of home business owners up, is marketing. Here, we’re going to look at how important marketing is for your home business. 

How Important Is Marketing For Your Home Business?

Marketing for your home business is very important. It cannot be stressed enough that it doesn’t really matter the size of your business; the importance of marketing stays exactly the same. Of course businesses of different sizes may have different needs, but marketing is no less important.

You still want the right people to find out about your business. You still need to get your name out there and make your business known. Coming up with a marketing plan if you don’t already have one is imperative!

How To Market For Your Home Business

This begs the question: how do you market for your home business? You won’t be forking out to get an ad on the TV, but there are lots of things you can and should do. Let’s take a look at some pointers.

Set Aside A Budget

Start by setting aside a budget for your marketing plan. If you don’t, then it becomes something you’ll only pay for if you ‘have the funds’, when it shouldn’t be optional.

This should be counted in with your bills, and any other payment that is not optional. Marketing doesn’t have to cost a bomb, but it will usually cost something, so make sure you have the cash.

Research A Quality Marketing Company

Getting a marketing company with experience in your type of business and sized business is a good idea.

It might seem like an unnecessary expense when you can teach yourself things online, but you want to be free to do what you do best.

Focus On Great Packaging

Having great packaging can help your product to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to create unique beer bottle labels or a box that your customer can use again and again, take your time with it and make sure you design something incredible.

Use Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to market a small, home business. Figure out which platforms will be most beneficial to you and then use them, but don’t treat them the same. Posting times, for example, will differ.

Create awesome content that people want to share and look at. You have to be consistent for social media to work for you!


How Does Outsourcing Impact Business In The Digital Age?

A successful business is not run by just one person. A business can be started by one idea from one person, but for it to continue in a way that is successful and worth being a part of, there needs to be more than one thinker and more than one voice.

You can start a company with a partnership: two or three additional people to get on board and work together to make it a success. You could bring in a HR professional to help you to staff your business from the chief tech officer to the reception staff on the front desk who bring in visitors.

Really, it’s going to take you considering what should be in or out of your business to be the most efficiently run without rinsing your business finance from day one.

Making branding part of your blog

As a business leader, you will love having control over your business. Knowing when you should make the big decisions and knowing when to hold back isn’t an easy feat, and anyone involved in business will know that an entrepreneur thinks of their business ideas as their baby.

You’ve dreamed about being your own boss and maintaining control over your ideas and your work. The problem is that if you don’t see the value in bringing in a few extra heads to make the decisions with you, you’re very likely going to find that you struggle.

It’s not a reflection on you or the way that you run your business, but it does show that the idea of outsourcing is a struggle for a lot of business owners.

One of the biggest lessons that you will learn in business is when to let go and, let go you must if you hope to be able to walk alongside your competition and do well with your decisions.

There is one secret that most entrepreneurs don’t know, and that is:

Outsourcing can help you garner MORE control over your business, not less.

I know, it’s a bizarre thought. How can you let go of your business and yet retain a good level of control? It doesn’t sound possible or right, but it is.

Outsourcing some of your key business tasks to outside contractors such as Brown Smith Wallace, LLP, who can manage your business taxes, has so many benefits, ones that you may not have heard of but are still the best thing that you could do. Below, we’ve got some of the main reasons that you should outsource pieces of your company:

You can focus on the things that matter in your business

Firstly, think of all the small things that you get done every day. You may not realise it, but you’re already outsourcing some of the small things. If you hire in a receptionist to field calls and act as a gatekeeper, you’ve outsourced some of your admin to her so that you can free up your time.

If you’ve hired in cleaners to keep your office spruced up after hours so that you don’t have to, you’ve outsourced maintenance so that you don’t have to focus on it. Passing on the things that you have no time for during the day to a freelancer can help you to grow your business and give it a new lease of life.

Outsourcing can make you a more productive business leader.

Think about all the plates that you juggle when you are putting a business together: IT, marketing, sales, finance. All of these are hard enough on their own to oversee, so outsourcing a few of these can give you less on your plate and what you do have left, you can focus on wholly. This makes you a more productive leader and you can interact better with your staff, too.

You can be flexible with your time when you’re not bogged down with busy work.

Not that managing the finances of a large corporation can really be considered as busy work, but by outsourcing some of the tasks that need to be done every day, you can free up your precious time for more important things.

By handing over certain aspects of your business, such as your IT security and your administrative work, you can feel reassured that the work is going to get done better. Freelancers sole focus is the work that you give them, meaning that you can spend your time focusing on the networking and business development instead.

It can be difficult for a business leader to decide what they should outsource and when.

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t initially feel like you can let go of a piece of your business to someone else. The thing is, as an entrepreneur you’re going to be working long hours for a rather long time. Isn’t it easier to put your hands up and realise the times you may be in over your head?

Asking for help with outsourcing doesn’t necessarily mean that you are weak; it means that you can see when things are getting away from you and you’re not doing tasks the justice that they deserve. It means that you don’t want to do your business a disservice.

It means that you recognise that you are not going to be the only person that can make your business the success that you long for it to be. Taking your time to interview and research the right people to outsource to is going to give your business the massive boost that it needs to thrive.

Outsourcing some of your business tasks can be such a huge positive in the development of your company, and you should, where possible, learn how you can give up a piece of the company that you cannot manage before letting it get away from you entirely.

Managing freelancers means that you can keep a good handle on your business and control it by switching your focus as you need to. Outsourcing could be exactly what your business requires to do better. Give it some thought.