Get attention to your content by optimizing your images

In the recent Google Webmaster Help Chat session, they presented a very thorough discussion of how to optimize your images. We all know that Google’s Universal search is altering the way that users interct with Google’s search interface. Instead of just links to websites, media clips, images, audio clips, new articles, maps, book reviews, restaurant […]

Content Writing Advice, Matt Cutts, and the thrill of competition…

I “Destroyed” Matt Cutts! Well….By “Destroy” I mean out ranked him on a term “Content Writing Advice” that nobody really looks at… …and he hasn’t even written a specific post about content writing advice… …and he most likely doesn’t even realize that he did rank for that term… Actually, I know that this is a […]

Create Hierarchy in your Content Writing: Header Tags

Let your visitors know whats important When website visitors (and search engines) arrive on your page, they are going to immediately try to assess the most important topics on the page, and if they match up with what they are looking for, they will continue reading your text. The best advice I can give you […]

Deconstructing the concept of “Under Construction”

I was assisting a client in moving their content from one company to another, and they had added an under construction page, and put up an icon to make people aware…BIG Mistake. Don’t Use An Under Construction Page I think that the “Under Construction page” should become a thing of the past. I think that […]

Content writing for Geographically Specific Industries

“Location, Location, Location” is a mantra has been applied to marketing strategies for years and it’s still something you need to keep in mind for your digital marketing campaign. Understanding Industry & Relevance To Local It seems like there are a category of keywords that are specific to an area. Certain industries are tied almost […]