Conversion optimization is a big deal for companies these days, as many are now realizing just how it can help them hold onto current customers and find new ones.

The truth is that almost every business is REALLY bad at this.

It really shouldn’t be so tough. Here are some great secrets what all the marketing pros swear by, and all of which will help you improve your overall conversion optimization for your website.

Data, Data, Data! Study Your Website Data

Data Data Data

First of all, you need to make sure that you are regularly spending time studying your Google analytics. If you take a look at this data, you should be able to create a picture of who the people are that visit your website.

For instance, you will know where they are based, whether they are looking on a mobile device, and their age range. Using this information, you will then be able to tailor your website so that it appeals to the demographics that repeatedly visit your site.

Use Some Surveys

Did you know that it’s now possible to add some inbuilt surveys into websites? These are very useful as they provide you with another way of finding out useful information about your web users.

Some companies utilize these surveys to research why people navigate to their site in their first place – they might want to use your ecommerce platform, simply browse your products, or find the answer to a certain question they might have.

Get Help From The Pros

When you are just starting out getting used to working on your conversion optimization, it could be helpful to reach out to some experts for advice. In fact, you might even want to outsource some of it to a reliable consultant who can answer any questions that you might have. Once you start to get the hang of it, this is something that you could easily bring in-house.

Keep A Check Of All Conversions

Even if you aren’t converting many leads at the minute, I’m sure that there will still be some conversions on the website. You need to track all of these. This should help you see any potential patterns or trends, and you can then use this information to make it even more likely that you create conversions on your website.

Look for Design Elements that Connect

It is super important that your website looks modern and fresh. Developing your brand well will help with this, but another great way to create a unique aesthetic is to follow new design trends.

You will be amazed at how a web user’s decision is influenced by the look of a website. If they like what they see, and your website is easy to use, they will be a lot more likely to buy your products and services.